Debian GNU/Linux on Dell XPS M1330

Michael Leuchtenburg

Last updated on 2008-03-04.

Table of Contents

Installing Debian

Unfortunately, the current stable Debian (4.0rc3 Etch) does not support either of the network cards in the M1330. It uses kernel 2.6.18 which has a tg3 driver which doesn't work in the M1330. You'll need an installer with at least version 2.6.22 to work with the ethernet card.

Fortunately, the Debian lenny (5.0 pre-release) installer does support it! You can get installation images here. I went with the netinst option.

When partitioning, you might be tempted to turn on relatime for your ext3 filesystems. Don't! You can do this later, but the mounter on the install disc doesn't support relatime, so if you turn it on, it won't be able to mount it. If you already did, just go back in and turn it off - then it will be able to continue the installation.